Traci and Gordon Bailey, owners of Lot 30 in Charlottetown, P.E.I., are moving back to Winnipeg and hope to open a restaurant here soon.

The Sentruhl Project

adjective cen·tral \ˈsen-truhl\

1. in the middle of something: located in the center of a thing or place
2. Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, Canada
3. the Sentruhl Restaurant Project: a Canadian dining experience
Sentruhl is a restaurant project founded by Canadian chefs, for Canadians.
Our goal is simple; we wish to explore and define what constitutes Canadian cuisine.
Our method is simple; we invite Winnipeg diners to join us two nights a week, Saturday & Sunday, for a tasting of Canadian food.
What’s on our menu? That is where things get a little more interesting.
Each week, for the next six months, we will prepare a new tasting menu inspired by a specific place, time, or culture of Canada.
True to the spirit of our city, this winter Sentruhl offers its table as a gathering place to share, to interact, and to come together as a community. But ultimately our goal is to answer the question on all our minds;
What is Canadian food?

The Menu November 14 & 15
Soda Bread
Honey Butter &Jam

Oyster Stew
Mornay/Puffed Potato/ Mussels? Leek-Top Aioli

Irish Pastie
Minced Meat/ Garam/ Sour Cabbage/ Flaky Crust

Shepard’s Pie
Short Rib/ Peas/ Carrots/ Potato Puree

Steamed Apple
Pudding/ Sticky Caramel/ Birch Ice Cream


The Menu October 24 & 25
One seating @ 7PM to reserve your seats call Traci @ 204 590 6818

Canadian Shield
Winnipeg Rye / Whole Grain / Seeded Old World
Chokecherry Preserve / Honey Butter / Traditional Sauerkraut

Shore Lunch
Baked Pickerel / Steel-Cut Oats / Celery Root / Cranberry

Onions Salty Sweet & Charred / Shortbread

Pig Roast
Loin of Pork / Crab Apple / Pumpkin / Mushroom

Butter Tart Brisée
Maple Cream / Brown Sugar Crust / Preserved Summer Peach


Saturday and Sunday evenings, 7pm starting October 17 & 18 2015

The first menu
East Coast
Winnipeg Rye/ Whole Grain/ Seeded Old World

Green Gables Oysters/ Buttermilk Crab bar/ Mussel Broth

Fish Fry
Crunchy Cod/ Charred Corn Mayonnaise/ Potato/ Autumn Leek

Jiggs Dinner
Stove-Top Brisket/ Terrine of Canadian Roots

Raspberry Cordial
Raspberry Parfait/ Apple Caramel/ Raspberry Marshmallow